Brain and Heart Virtual Meeting

Cardiocerebrovascular disease remains as major health problems, considering the fact that it is one of leading cause of death in every age group, and in every part of the world. Especially in middle and low income countries, the burden it bears on our country healthcare system is increasing with time. Proper prevention and immediate management are the keys to face this burden head-on, making us professional health care provider as the first line in battle against these disease. Our commitment and promise, to give the best and only the best to our patients in need, is our reasoning as why we continuously search for update on ground-breaking researches and breakthroughs, which is the cornerstone of our Evidence-Based Practice.

Considering the needs of our peers in this matter, Indonesian Cardiocerebrovascular Society (ICS) try to help facilitate the cause. Established in 1999, ICS collaborating with Continuing Medical Education of The Department of Internal Medicine, Universitas Indonesia-Cipto Mangunkusumo National Referral Hospital presents “Brain and Heart Virtual Meeting 2020

This event is a result of multi-department collaboration, from internist, neurologist, pediatrician, pathological clinician, radiologist, surgeon and anaesthetician, to provide the newest update in terms of Cardiocerebrovascular Disease.

This event initially was prepared to be held in Jakarta. However, due to recent pandemic outbreak of Covid-19 all over the world, we realized that we have to take a different approach as how to convey the knowledge from our specialist to our viewer at home. Advanced technology nowadays allows us to prepare a new form of event, as Brain and Heart Virtual Meeting 2020, a series of online-based seminar and programs which includes various topics regarding cardiocerebrovascular disease, some are related to Covid-19 to endeavor best practices in this day and age.

The Brain and Heart Virtual Meeting 2020 will explore latest advances and issues in the cardiocerebrovascular disease field, also as a platform to share our experts clinical experiences over the years in their respective field of knowledge. The Brain and Heart Virtual Meeting will provide a series of expert panelists to discuss topics and issues found in the field of specialist that can also be applied in general practice circumstances. We will also provide a platform for participants to ask questions directly to our panelists during the virtual meeting.

It is our privilege to host this year’s event and to work together with experts in their field. We sincerely hope and encourage health care professionals to participate in Brain and Heart Virtual Meeting 2020.